Garden Trimmers to help cut the lawn

Garden Trimmers to help cut the lawn

No matter what time of year it is we are in need of garden trimmers to keep our garden looking its best. Whether it is a lawn mower to keep the lawns at bay or a hedge trimmer to keep the form and shape of a hedge, where would we be without our garden tools?

Garden trimmers come in many shapes and forms from petrol, electric or battery, also hand operated tools. The choice is wide and varied to which particular piece of equipment you may want or need to use. When looking at the cost of your tools you might need to weigh up if it is cost effective to buy the tools or just get a garden contractor in to do the heavy work. If you are like me, then you enjoy using the tools when and how you want.

But if you are short on time and cash rich you may choose to outsource some of your gardening. There is no right or wrong way to garden as everyone’s gardens are as individual as one’s self. So what are some of the garden tools that you may require when gardening?

What are the most used lawn cutting tools?

My three most used garden trimmers are; The lawn mower is of course one of the first and most essential items on the list. These now come in many shapes and forms and have evolved quite considerably over the years from the old non motorized push mowers.

Depending on how much of a purest you are about your lawn, there is a mower suitable for you. As I grew up on a farm with a large garden we always had a mower with a roller to give a very formal look. Hours where spent getting the lawn to look like a cricket pitch with all the stripes going in the right way. Now I have a ride on mower which doesn’t get the same effect, but is much easier and quicker. Another must in my garden shed is a hedge trimmer.

Trimmers – what type are the best?

I have used petrol, electric and battery powered hedge trimmers over the years. The one I use at the moment is an electric one as the battery powered one would not hold a charge for long enough for my size hedges. As cost was a factor when I brought my hedge trimmer I opted for an electric one, this was quite a bit cheaper than a petrol powered trimmer. Depending on how far away the hedge is from a power outlet, you may need to choose a different option if needed. My third most favourite power tool is the leaf blower. This makes the task of racking leafs fast and easy. What used to take hours is now done in a few minutes.

The other great thing about the leaf blower is it is like a vacuum cleaner as well. Once the leaves are put into a pile they can then be sucked up. As the leaves go through the machine it mulches to reduce the amount put into the bag for emptying. Sweeping driveways and garages is now a thing of the past as I now just use the blower which is so much easier. So there you have it my three most used garden trimmers in my shed. The lawn mower, leaf blower and hedge trimmer for cutting the lawn and helping to maintain it.

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